Poetry and Performances at One Billion Rising in Second Life – and Media too!

OBR Poets Againist Violence 2015

One Billion Rising has a special stage for poetry events and performances on OBR Dance!

Poetry events:

9am – 10.30am: Poets Against Violence – organised by Jilly Kidd
4pm – 5.30pm:  Poets Against Violence – organised by Jilly Kidd

These events will consist of a reading followed by an open mike session.

We would love poets to create their own workshop event by exploring the art installations all around the regions and bringing poems about them to the open mike sessions.

You can read more about the poets here.


There will be a range of performances on the stage at OBR Dance.

7am – 9am Rocky Valley High School Sugar Bears
11am – 11.30am Starlettes
12pm – 12.15pm Amethyst Dovgal & Aisling Sinclair
2pm – 2.15pm Amethyst Dovgal & Aisling Sinclair
3pm – 3.30pm UFL Cheerleaders
11pm – 12 midnight Babypea & Alvea

There is more about the performers here.


For the first year, we have a media centre on OBR Change.

Shows are being broadcast from there throughout the event – some in advance of the opening (The Drax Files and Takesita Jetcity from the Japanese station SLTV) and some after the main event (Designing Worlds will be recorded on Sunday).

But on Saturday, you will be able to attend a live recording of Indy Showcase’s regular show Men and Women Talk: the Mars/Venus Show at 10am, and a live recording of Mal Burn’s Metaverse Week in Review at 2.30 – 4.30pm SLT.


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