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OBR Poets Againist Violence 2015


Jilly Kidd, AKA Adele Ward, has been organising writing events on SL for 8 years and runs the Written Word group, which has more than 1,200 members and events most days of the week. She does the same things on SL that she does in London, where she’s a poet, novelist, journalist, publisher and writing event organiser.

Grail Arnica (Sangreal Arnica) has been a poet, a sailor, a bureaucrat, a lava-walker and a spy…and for most of these, she is still. Her love of meter, traditional and experimental form and intricate interior rhyme are only exceeded by her desire to tell stories, or failing that, live them. She never met a metaphor she couldn’t take in a fight, and her poetry sometimes glows purple. All in all, she would rather be on top of the ground than under it.

Morgue McMillan is German and joined SecondLife in February 2007. Her poetry is written in English and often deals with social, political or humanitarian issues and has been published in SLiterary Magazine, Reveal Magazine, AnonLiterary, Vitruvius Magazine and Blue Angel Landing as well as in the Blotter Magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer and Acumen Poetry Journal.

Serene Bechir has been reading poetry across SL since June 2007 and is best known for her improv poetry. She says of herself, “I am only a mirror, the poetry is in each of you.” In addition to reading at various open mic events and at the cold read event Sound of Poems she is frequently involved in charity and activist events as well as being a long standing support staff member of the SL music scene, Serene finds poetic expression not only in the words she speaks but in the things she does.

Leslye Writer. Wanderer between Europe and USA Leslye is a permanent resident of Second Life for almost eight years already. Leslye has read at Second Life poetry venues for much of that time but did take a year to get up enough nerve to do it. The poetry community of Second Life is really an extension of real life and a comfortable always-there poetry world to enjoy. Through her reading and writing of poetry Leslye is a consistent presence in the writing community of Second Life.

Arlene Radasky, AKA Imarad Breen, has been on Second Life since August, 2008. She has read her published novel, The Fox ,here and is now hosting an open mic on Wednesdays on Cookie Island. She recorded her novel, and held workshops here in Second Life for anyone interested in learning how to record their work and where to get heard. She has also been a leader of workshops during Nanowrimo on Milkwood. She has one poem published, ‘Forever’.

Keykey Underwood, AKA Patricia Averbach, is a novelist and poet whose debut novel Painting Bridges was published by Bottom Dog Press in 2013. In the same year, she won the Lumen/Camden Poetry Competition and her prize was publication by Ward Wood Publishing of her chapbook Missing Persons. She has published an article about the Jewish community in Second Life and has been a regular at SL poetry and fiction events for 7 years.

Julie Juliesse. Humble writer, court jester, patron of the arts, Julie enjoys sharing her own work as well as living vicariously through that of her favorite writers.  Serious as she is, she does not expect to be taken seriously.


The Rocky Valley High School Cheerleading Squad, also known as The Sugar Bears are the pride of RVHS. They are sexy, talented energetic, joyful, mischievous and dedicated.

While loving to cheer for people, they are also a very tight group that are passionate about everything they do, whether partying with one another, cheering at a pep rally or just hanging out. They love one another, they stand up for each other and they don’t let anyone or anything break them apart. The Sugar Bears are the definition of sisterhood! That closeness makes them one of the most dynamic cheerleading squads around. If you want a smile on your lips, just watch their hips!

The Shining Starlettes:
The Shining Starlettes Dance Troupe is an energetic, fun dance group that choreographs and performs dance showcases covering multiple genres and dance styles. They create sets and costumes to fit the event theme. The Starlettes have danced for a variety of events, such as Relay for Life and Second Life’s Birthday Celebrations.

For information on upcoming Shining Starlette performances, you can visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ShiningStarlettes

To book the Starlettes at your next event, contact Kayden Piers in world.

The United Football League
United Football League is Second Life’s newest and most innovative American Football experience. Same great system, new name and ownership.

Scripted by an expert in American football that allows in-world game play that is realistic. Want to tackle someone? Want to make that touchdown? Want to cheer for your favorite team? You can do all this in the United Football league.

We have an experience group of women that come out every game and rise up for their team’s. Win or Lose these ladies cheer on their team to the end. The UFL Cheerleaders show leadership, spirit, and determination each and every game. They make sure to support their team and are an important aspects not only to their teams but to the UFL.

Want to see these ladies in action, join our Facebook group for more information regarding the UFL. As well as look at our website and twitch page for all you gaming needs.


Hope Rising w/Amethyst Dovgal & Aisling Sinclair:
Hope Rising is a dance performance for One Billion Rising, conceived and choreographed by Amethyst Dovgal. Amethyst and fellow dancer Aisling Sinclair have been involved in the arts for many years.

Aisling Sinclair works behind the scenes in a number of projects as a writer, producer, and director. Onstage, she performs as a voice actor and puppeteer. Ash is proud to be a member of the team that brought OBR to Second Life.

Amethyst Dovgal has choreographed, directed and performed in stage plays and machinima projects, and works also as a voice actor. The creative process is her inspiration, especially for charity and special projects.

Show of Art Particles with Tansee
A creative spirit from the USA dedicated to joining those like minded persons that bring a voice to all of the hidden injustices of the world and that  believe ….
~~~Together > WE Are The Change~~~
Tansee is very much like her RL self who is an artist that is passionate about equality and making the world a more harmonic place so that we all may grow together and love as humans with respect for each other and all the living creatures that make up this wonderful planet.
Today’s Show of Art Particles, is power packed with music by such great artists as The Beatles “Revolution”  and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”  with many more empowering surprises.  Hold on to your virtual seats,,,, Revolution Alert is on High ! See you there,,,,
Hugs of Joy and Radiance To All!

BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl:
An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She now dances for several troupes including Elysium Cabaret, Starlite Theatre, Winds of the Sahara Cabaret, A&M MOCAP Maniacs, and ExtravaDanza. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.

Aelva Resident:
Aelva, The Dreamer
For the past 2 ½ years, sl dance has been my passion. I have now had my own place, The Night Theater, running shows for over a year. Our 7th show is premiering on Valentines day at noon. IM me for an invite:)
Along side of this we have been involved in various other projects as RFL, guest appearances at Elysium, The Dance Queens Dance Galaxy and Christmas ExtravadanZa at LEA.
For more details, and videos, check our blog: https://thenighttheater.wordpress.com/
I love every aspect of creating acts, choreography, set building, costuming and never seem to run out of inspiration. There is just too little time to get it all done! If you want to see a fun show or take part in one, or just come explore the theater, dont hesitate to contact me and I will show you the way….

JenzZa Misfit:
I am proud to be an SL Theater Dance choreographer and a ~*~ Dream Dancer with Aelva & The Night Theater~*~ dance troupe to explore the world of creativity through music, concepts, choreography,sets, costumes & dance! I mean, what else is there? ~ JenzZa Misfit

Lily Pussycat:
Hi! I’m Lily and I have been involved in SL dance for about two years now, on one alt or another. I started as a male dancer with It Girlz, where I got my first taste at creating dances. I then moved on to join Dance Xcetera last year. It’s been a crazy and fun ride learning how to create and perform with a wonderful group of dancers from whom I have met other dancers in this amazing world of SL Dance! Tonight I bring you Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, I hope you enjoy it. and remember … Never Stop Dancing!

Dragon McMasters:
★Owner Of La Oro★Performing Arts★Venue
★The Choreographer For La Unleashed Ladies & Gents★
★I Can’t Tell You Who I am, I Can Only Show You★

SexyS Quintessa:
Miss SexyS Quintessa is a classy woman with a freaky dark side! She loves dance anywhere: RL/SL, and is a professional belly dancer in real life. She has been creating burlesque, comedy, and performance art dance acts in SL since 2009 and enjoys every part of it. You can say she is a collector of things…dances…shoes….hair…..strange avatars…..GACHA machine prizes……and sex beds! She likes to have fun and goof off!! You might see her in a non-human form, like a toaster, or see her throwing a bus or better yet walking around farting! She doesn’t take things too seriously here in this game… she knows how to have fun!!! On a serious note, Miss Sexy is an award-winning dancer in both lives, and an active member of Dance Queens. She dances in Lady Garden Cabaret, Euphoria, Elysium Cabaret, and is Director of A&M MOCAP Maniacs and Owner/Director of the newly created dance production group, ExtravaDanza!

Jess has been dancing since 2011, loving the expression and the creative outlet that this art presents, there’s nothing she loves better. Jess looks forward to seeing you at the show and hopes you like it as much as she loves performing it for you.


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